100% Natural “The Future of Health and Beauty care”

What We Do

We are a natural biomedical global healthcare institute. We research and develop on a broad range of innovative herbal products.

Herbal Pharma

Production of Herbal medicine, research based with advanced technologies & best efficacy which involves academic research, lengthy trial periods and experimentation within the compliance of Drug regulatory authority of Pakistan (DRAP).

Herbal Personal Care

We believe cosmetics is one of the most sensitive area in the consumer market and we are committed to provide 100% natural products to our consumers, without any steroids , harmful chemicals.


Uppal Pharma operations are sub-divided into

  • Third Party Supplier (TPS): We Manufacture  and supply from our own manufacturing facility for other qualified brands.
  • Direct Supplying : Our facility is built according to ISO 9001 Standards with Halal certification and is capable of producing the mass production of  highest quality.

Our Goal is to develop the best consumer products , which are easily affordable in developing countries, and to do this we are focused on building strong global brands, constant innovation, best in class interactions with retailers, distributors , healthcare professionals and shoppers.